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How can you make a good portable co2 generator for paint ball.? Answered

I've already seen the thing with the soda bottle. I want something wearable to slowly put co2 in the tank for your gun.


you could try putting dry ice into a nalgeen bottle and putting a valve on the top.

 that would blow up before it reached 50 PSI (which is not nearly enough for a paintball gun.
 But the dry ice is a good idea
My suggestion:

Fill a couple of propane bottles with dry Ice & 90%+ isopropyl alcohol (thermal conductor). just cover the dry ice.
Put a pressure regulator on the end to prevent it from over-pressurizing and blowing up.  
Then insert assembly into a larger metal container and fill the spaces with hand/foot warming packs.   Also put insulation between hand-warmers & outside wall to increase thermal potential (if necessary). you also probably need some sort of CO2 storage container attached to the generator. or sporadic demand is going to quickly out do supply.

end design:
|xH|---------------------\_______|  |----|           |-------  Gas output
|xH|              |Hx|-----\                    |     |_____|
|xH|              |Hx|       |                    |          A
|xH|              |Hx|       |                    |          |
|xH|Alcohol|Hx|        |STORAGE |        Relief Valve
|xH|   &        |Hx|       |    Vessel    |
|xH|dry ice  |Hx|       |                     |
|xH|______|Hx|       |                     |
|___________|       |_________|

 also this is more of a high capacity storage solution than a generator... I'm just sayin'

Making Co2 is usually not a problem. Pumping it up to high pressure at small storage is your problem.

You could wear an air compressor, like the tire pumps with integrated jumper battery and attach it to an expansion chamber, but it would be hella noisy.