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How could I build a replacement speed controller for a Zap Zappy Turbo electric scooter. Answered

I found this scooter on the street and picked it up.  I found out that the speed controller was broken and needed to be replaced.  I tried to find one online but nobody is selling one.  I would like to know how to make one or another speed controller that could be used as a replacement. 



Best Answer 5 years ago

The gadget you're searching for is an Electronic Speed Controller - one designed for an electric bicycle would work.

Search ESC and you'll find lots of options.

Will something like this work?


That is an example yes...anything like that - just choose one that is wattage and voltage appropriate for your motor/batteries.

(battery/motor voltage will determine its voltage, motor wattage will determine its amp rating)

A google search for PWM speed controller should turn up dozens of circuits.

Watch the voltage

More then likely the batter pack is dead.


No, the battery still works. When I plug the battery in the scooter will run until you unplug the battery. Doesn't matter if the throttle or the on/off switch is wired onto it or not.

Of course the controller may be repairable. Worth taking the top off to have a look maybe something obvious.


5 years ago

I'm having a little problem with "finding" a $600-$700 dollar scooter on the street. Even if it is broken, it seems unlikely to me that anyone would just walk off and abandon it. Perhaps the owner left it there to find help getting in it home or an unauthorized person left it there, but for the owner to just dump it on the street and leave, I don't know.
Before doing anything, maybe you should try to locate the owner and see what his/her intent actually was.

The owner was a friend of my mom. It was around clean up week and I talked to him and he said he was going to put it on the curb because he didn't want it anymore, probably because it would just keep running.