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How could I build an Archimedes screw?

I suddenly for no reason would like to build an Archimedes screw for transporting water. All research attempt have failed. The only instructions that I can find suck, and I'm not sure what the... ahem... Heck I'm doing. Anyone have any ideas or experience in the matter? Thanks!

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lemonie (author)2009-05-12

These people are selling plans for $11.95.
alternative design, easily done.

It's actually quite tricky to build the design in link 2, which I guess is why you've not found much in the way of good plans.


noahh (author)lemonie2009-05-12

Thank you. These are good links, but I'm looking to make a very large scale model. I guess it would just be big PVC and spirals made of something or other. Thanks, this gave me more ideas!

lemonie (author)noahh2009-05-13

I'll look forward to seeing the results! L

tech-solutions (author)2012-01-19

If you try this http://www.binkyswoodworking.com/SpiralWoodenThing.php you'll get ur archimedes screw. Its quite simple to do and if you angle the long eges to, say 45 degrees you'll get a smooth archimedes screw with a pitch of 45 degrees. If you want a different angle, just cut the long edges at a diferent angle and you'll have the pitch you desire. all you have to do is line up the angled leading edge from one to the angled trailing edge of the one above or below it and you will have a smooth spiral archimedes screw.
I have built one which is 12 inches across and 48 inches long which I am doing trials for a small hydro generator, which so far it looks promising. A smaller version of the huge expensive ones you see. but this can be built for under £100, rather than the thousands of pounds for a commercial one.

Tazo (author)2011-03-30

if it is only water or liquids you want to move you just have to wrap a hose around a pipe. and PRESTO! you are done, well, yu need an axel as wel to spin it.

NachoMahma (author)2009-05-12

. What part are you having problems with? . You can't get much simpler than an Archimedes Screw. It's just a screw in a tube.

Algag (author)NachoMahma2010-12-07

lol :D

paganwonder (author)2009-05-12

search for how to carve a spiral in wood - and go from there. The best inspiration comes from perspiration.