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How could I "print" a digital pic on my wall? Answered

I've got some designs I made on illustrator, but since I'm really bad in hand drawing and so, I would like to know how to transfer them or something on the wall without having to paint it by hand


i would reccomend getting a projector and tracing the projection.

that can be annoying sometimes as your head can get in the way if you think about it XD if you don't actually want to paint it then all you do is get a gigantic print of it something like i dunno island scan to print it out for you to the size you want then you just need to stick it onto the wall only prob is is that it'll cost you

Draw a grid on the illustration, and a really big grid on the wall. Then just draw what is in each square one at a time. It is easier to make an accurate duplication if you only draw one square at a time. I actually wrote an Instructable on how to do it, but I haven't finished it yet. I've copied a lot of art that way and also done some cartoon character murals. In the first photo you can see a Hirschfield print that I copied (the original is the little square above the picture). I copied all of the other stuff in the second photo from little pictures.