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How could I turn this keyboard into a wireless usb keyboard? (more below) Answered

If any one knows how to make a wireless trackball mouse that would be helpful too. Thank you in advance.


Without any further details on the keyboard, it isn't very easy to make suggestions. 

I am doing the same with a PC keyboard. I have a wireless keyboard is pretty awful to use, and I have some failed keyboard with REAL switches.

Therefore, one takes the decoder/transmitter from the first keyboard and then after removing the PCB from the real keyboard, you have to manually wire each switch to the new decoder's matrix. It doesn't take a huge amount of brain power, but it will take plenty of time and much attention to detail.

It's not diy project.  You have to design a transmitter and receiver that is capable of working without causing interference in other things and rejecting any interference cause by other things.  You need an incoder that will take all the data from the keyboard and mouse and encode it flawlessly then supply it to the transmitter to be transmitted.  You have to design a decoder that will take the signals from the receiver and decode it into what the computer is looking for and store that data so that you don't over load the computer.  Then you have to program the driver to take care of all the functions and work inside the computer.

When you consider the amount of work this all entails it would be MUCH easier to just get a job and earn the money to buy a good one.

But, if this is a learning project then this would be a very good one for that.

the keyboard in question was a PDA keybord that folds, not the standard keyboard.


It would be even harder to use a PDA keyboard.  I doubt that they use the usual computer codes.

 If it's "USB" the keycodes are allegedly standardized, which I personally think is a big mistake. Keyboards should have been standardized on ASCII