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How could I use a voltage stabilizator? Answered

I wanna use a voltage stabilizator IC but I don't know how to connect it. I have a stabilizator like this. How many do I need if I wanna to power the fume exactor. I m a  beginner. Please help! :)


What are you powering ?

In the picture you post, you connect a supply of more than 14V but LESS than 35 v to the LEFT pin, the MIDDLE pin goes to the ground of your supply and your fan, and your fan's plus lead goes to the RIGHT pin on the picture.

Sorry i'm from Hungary :D but thank you for the answer, it will help a lot!

Just adding to steve's answer: 14V input may be a bit low, check with the data sheet (google for L7812CV). Add a 100nF ceramic capacitor between left and center pin and another one between center and right pin, both close to the regulator. Will work in 99% without them, but better play safe.