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How could you build a snoasis? Answered

Everybody's probably seen the groasis which will let you grow trees in the desert.  But I wonder if there's a way to make a version that will help a plant survive winters where it snows.

backstory: I want to grow a tree that isn't suitable for the winters here. I had a nice tropical tree which I grew from seed in a pot, but it got so big indoors and clearly wanted to go outside that I planted it outside as a reward for being awesome. However, when winter came, I decided to protect it by giving it a blanket and some insulation around its core at the bottom of the trunk. Unfortunately this only caused mold to collect around the base and killed the tree. So... ever since I have idly wondered if there's a way to fashion some sort of insulating box at the ground level, kind of like the groasis that would let it survive a freeze in the winter.


Do you want to use power? Then use some kind of heating! If not, Do this:


This is guaranteed to kill the plants. If you heat the roots and lower trunk the lower part of the tree will think it's summer and will not be prepared for the freeze. When the freeze comes the trunk will be full of water and the freeze will split the bark and you'll have a freeze damaged tree.

The only save way to do this is to create a total green house over the tree you are trying to grow farther north than you are supposed to. THat's why plants are labeled for the climate they are supposed to grow in.


If you tent it (the plant) and then make sure it doesn't overheat by the heater or the sun it'll be alright but in the end it's still a greenhouse.

Thanks, is it what you were looking for.
What do you want it to do, heat the plant? Feed the plant? Give it a massage?

Think greenhouse. Then google it.

I'm hoping for a more creative answer than that. Also, what if you want to grow a thing that is too large for a greenhouse.

Build a bigger greenhouse.

Oh, snarky!

You know, it would have helped if you said what you want to grow.