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How could you install a finger scanner on a car, instead of using normal key locks? Answered

please help me.



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You would need a complete system that was self contained. 

You need a processor, memory, the reader (duh) and a way to link it to the car electrical.  You might be able to find one online.  Look into security systems.

I would replace the key lock with a standard rotatable unlocked switch since the ignition lock has other functions other than just keeping the car from starting and it would be more difficult to implement them into the scanner.

THen just insert the scanner into the ignition system control so that I would prevent the car from starting.

While this might sound like a "cool" project to build and have, I've not found finger scanners to be very user friendly.  My laptop has one and if you don't scan your finger just right it won't work so I don't use it.  I find it frustrating.

Very good point, Re-design. Would facial recognition or retinal scanning be more user friendly? 

It's hard to tell.  I don't think any of the less expensive systems are very useful, in my opinion.

How about a key pad running a combination lock.

Good point, I forgot about that episode. How about using a electric door lock remote, use keyless door handles, and a push/finger-print start?

do you realy need it?

Do consider that you may be inviting criminals to cut your finger off here...


or (like on Mythbusters, where they showed just how easy these things are to circumvent) just lift you finger prints off of something, like a glass in the restaurant or something.

Or if someone lifts your prints off of your car!!!  It just seems like your car will be less secure.

I like the idea though...it's just not practical.