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How deep do i have to drill into the ground to hit water in st louis (near lambert airport)? Answered

I have searched google for hours.  cant find any information on the approximate depth to the aquifer, water table, groundwater.... near lambert airport here in st louis, missouri.  Does anyone know of a source of graphs or charts showing depths underground to the water??.... or have personal experience digging/ trenching/ drilling/ in this area???   Thanks.



7 years ago

it depends where you are going to start diging. If you start from china, then you need to dig through the whole planet..


8 years ago

If your neighbors have wells, many of them will know the depths, and you can take an average.

If you don't get an answer this weekend that you like.  Monday look for a foundation engineer or a Geotech service.  Call them and tell them what you are looking for.  Part of the soil report that has to be done on engineered foundations is the depth and est. amount of ground water.  If you can find an engineer that has done any work in that area he will probably be able to tell you off the top of his head what the level is.

Tell them is for a school project.  I'm a sucker for helping on school projects.

.  You can also contact:
  • Farmers
  • Your local Farm Bureau/Agricultural Department/4-H/&c
  • The reference desk at your local library
  • Local utilities with buried pipes/wires/&c
  • Septic system contractors (installation or maintenance) (especially if the water table is pretty high, as I suspect, due to proximity of Mississippi R)