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How did you come across Instructables? Answered

How did you all come across Instructables?



6 years ago

I was search in project so I come across, it was really a ever best site,the people like me enjoy it make many projectsssssssss


8 years ago

ididnt find it my friend found it for me


Looking up how to make fire crackers. Now i want to build everything on the site!

everything i would look up on how to do it would come to this site so I decided to check it out

looked up diy projets found kipkay's laser video(lasers intrige me)
and it said the intructions were her i came here and it was awsome becuse i was originally looking for a diy website and found the best one!

I was looking on how to make wooden rings, and BAM!

I did a search on how to make paper wallets. And then, BAM!! Instructables.

Ads on other sites.

I didnt find this site, this site found me

In Soviet Russia, Instructables find YOUUUUU

i wtched indymogul, and saw the instructables interview and I CAME!!! muhahaha!!!! ...

I actually Found it while searching for plans for the mousebot, I've be hooked ever since i check it every day

looked up how to creatively carve pumpkins on google. bam! i kliked "i'm feeling lucky" instead of search, and the page was then covered with orange background goodness and tons of instructions

I was at my friends house and he showed me tons of cool stuff he'd made and told me where he found it all. guess where...............


9 years ago

it was either from Google Image Search or Make Magazine. i forgot.

I was looking up how to make mazes at school. Ibles was the second result in google. Later on, I found an ible on how to make a PVC air rifle (this was before I was a knexer)

i was bored so i just typed in knex gun in on google.


Reply 10 years ago

Is it edible?

It would taste really, really, salty, but it won't kill you. So yes, if you were really hungry, and you couldn't make it to the fridge in time, it is edible.

Sorry to be completely random, but have you tried using it as salt? Use it to salt corn!

I was searching for fireworks.

I was looking up paper stuff on youtube then I found a link in the discription


9 years ago

I was trying to figure out how to put games on my graphing calculator and this place had by far the best instructions on how to.

typed in NES, and found an NES controller thing. Yeah...

I was scouring the internet for internet controlled robots when I found an article on Make: that linked me to the Make: group. Then I descovered the aww and splendor of the Instructables universe.

I was searching for home t-shirt printing and found this. I think some of these things are awesome!!!

i was watching knex gun vids on utube and a few had links to instructables so i looked over the site, liked and signed up bout a week ago

i typed in knex instructions on google, as you do, and found this site :)

i looked into making stuff with knex, then typed in knex and then found this site =]

I found the Paper Calculator Mod with StumbleUpon and loved it.


10 years ago

i was looking up how to make mazes and i was impressed so i joined 2 days before my B-day

I'm really not sure, but I do remember that it took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out that you could see some other than those on the front page. (this was the old index...the white one with changing featured ibles)

A I ran across it a couple of times (there has been another(s) forum(s) like this, so please, if I'm wrong, let me know). One: I was looking at make magazine, and I got brought here. Two: I was searching for duct tape related things, and I ran across this mega-instruction-manual-orgasm. Either one of those is right, but it's been two years now, and I don't have that large of a memory.

BTW, the reason I stayed was because of the play dough instructable.

The one on how to make play dough? At first I thought you meant an instructable on how to do something with play dough....