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How difficult would it be to convert a Tele to a string through body? Answered

 How difficult would it be to convert a Tele to a string through body?


 dude thas ridiculous non telecaster should be customized unless you wanted to lose your money why dont you try with a strat or a cheap guitar i mean very cheap guitar but  a tele???? what are you thinking about????

First you'll have to completely disassemble your guitar, including removing the neck.  Next, you'll do some precision routing to carve a hole for the new parts.  As for the hardware, you can get bridges and other components at your music store or online, they range from super-cheap to stuff you'd have to mortgage your house for... but the parts are easy to get.

It's unlikely that the new bridge will be sized to cover all the old screw holes.  You'll have to refinish the front surface of your axe, or at least patch up the holes. 

Difficulty?  Well where building a complete custom guitar is ten and where doodling on it with a sharpie is one, I'd give it an eight.

 Well, you could always search for a fitting new bridge, from my (albeit limited) experience, hardware is pretty standardized (is that a word in this language?) so that shouldn't be an issue. You can simply take off the original bridge and go to a local music store and ask if they have a fitting model.

I haven't found one myself, and I've looked.  It's possible that you'd find one and I don't rule it out, but I suspect that it's most likely you'll have to make due with something "close."

This is the most ridiculous response I've heard. I own a tele and I can truly say it'd not be that hard. Mine is string through already, but still.

Anyhow, my way I'd utilize a drill press to keep the holes straight. You'd need string ferules and a new bridge, hell, you could drill through your old one even. Anyhow, you'd just bolt on the new bridge, then using the holes as a guide start little holes then remove it (or don't, it'd just be to keep the bridge from being damaged) and take the holes all the way through. Now  you'd just drill the holes the right size and depth for the ferules and press them in, which could even be done with the drill press. Done!

I stand by my difficulty rating.   I've done it.

I mentioned the problems that I encountered and I bet anyone trying it for themselves may find similar and maybe some new problems. 

This is NOT a beginner mod.  That said, I used the scale in order to present a different answer to every possible reader.  For those who have built or restored a guitar and found it easy, this project will be easy.  For those who were greatly challenged by that, will find the project almost as hard.

Why does someone want to do this ? Does it sound different ? Better ? 
Curious, that's all.


There is some evidence that the string-through design improves the sustain on the strings, and also distributes the tension more evenly than other bridge styles. Mileage varies from guitar to guitar, so there is some debate over whether it's worth the effort. It's mostly a matter of preference.

 Really, it doesn't really improve the guitar that much. It does make it a bit easier to string but other than that not much.