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How do I add entry detection, and possibly concealed video capture, to my office door? Answered

I suspect someone is pilfering through my things at work, when I leave my office to walk across the lobby to the restroom. I need to be alerted if this is happening, and, even better, get a video capture of the person doing it that may be burned to disk as proof, and reprimand!



9 years ago

Get a webcam and load up a program like "Webcam Monitor" in your computer. It will record whenever it detects movement, and many of those programs can even email or SMS you when it detects movement. You can leave the webcam on your desk (one expects to see a webcam near the computer), or hide it inside something (book, plant, speaker....)

add hidden webcam somewhere and connect it to the computer with a bunch of well hidden usb extension cables get a cellular phone with camera. set it to camera and hide it good places to hide are inside your pc (so it looks out thru a vent hole etc) or in the ceiling of the room (so it looks out thru a hole around a sprinkler or hidden inside a light fixture)