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How do I add on fiber optic bundles to the end of a large single Fiber optic strand/LED? Answered

I need to figure out how to add on a lot of multi-strand fiber optics to the end of large single strand or single LED. I would like to create a lighted and animated cuttle fish sculpture and I want to know how I would be able to get the most amount of small single dots of light from a single LED. The LEDs will be individually animated in the belly of the beast and light patterns will appear on the surface...


Possibly by embedding the fibers and leds in a pourable clear acrylic/polystyrene

You want to bundle your strands with tape and tape a LED on that end, maybe grind the top flat?


If it were me - I would make the body translucent and use a mirror/disco light splitter to put the changing patterns on the body from the inside.

LEDs are going to be sharp spots of light when a real cuttle fish pattern is much softer.