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How do I add video inputs to a television that doesn't have any? Answered

How do I add video inputs to a television that doesn't have any?


You would need some sort of thing that will broadcast analog signal to the TV, from an input, there have been a few myths about putting it on channel 3 and connecting it to RCA video out, you could use a VCR and have the cable touch the antenna, and have the VCR tuned to the Inputs or something.

Okay I'll admit, I think it DOES work to some point and degree. I recall doing something like that with my gamecube and a 13" color television, but it was so frickkin static y that it was no use.

You did something wrong, as long as you don't expect it to air a signal to the device, then that would make sense.

No I was hoping maybe actually making contact with the antenna would work, but not really.

You did something wrong, Or the Device receiving the signal was defective, was the center part touching the antenna?

yes the center part duh, the other part of the jack is just a ground basically.

Well, The Device was probably defective, Or was not tuned to the right channel, Can be hard to achieve in those analog knobs.


9 years ago

Easy way, of somewhat limited resolution, is a video to RF converter ("RF modulator.") These used to be pretty common, but have become less so as TVs have gotten video inputs. The average VCR will probably have one, and/or will work as one, and may be a cheaper solution than trying to find a stand-alone unit. In some VCRs, this may be a nice little module that can be extracted. You can also hack into the video circuitry of the TV. This has gotten more dangerous since TVs no longer have line-isolated power supplies (oh, starting about 30 years ago) and may be nearly impossible a more modern TV...

Would I just have to wire the RF modulator directly to the cathode ray tube? Does have anybody have some general schematics to help me figure out what goes where?

If you get the RF modulator it connects from outside the TV via the antenna inputs (real simple.) If you want to tie into the video circuits directly, you'll probably need a schematic of some kind. I have to confess that I haven't looked at at TV schematic in quite a long time; my last attempts were with a B&W; TV that had TUBES, and I eventually gave up and bought a monitor...

where's the fun in buying a monitor? this is instructables!! a little information on the TV i'm trying to work with. it's an Alaron B&W; 5in Portable TV with AM/FM Radio. it has a single telescopic antenna and a dial for the TV/Radio tuner. Absolutely no inputs (BNC nor RCA).

Then you will want to remove the antenna, Connect one wire the the base of the the antenna, This wire will connect to the centre of a coaxial connector. Some where on the TV you will now have to find a ground to attach to the outer ring of the coaxial connector. Now simply connect your RF modulator to the coaxial socket, Connect a AV device to the modulator and tune through all the static until the picture shows.

i guess my next instructables project will be "how to build your own RF modulator"

Wow, Your going to make one from scratch?

no...seeing as i don't know how to...but if anybody out there does know how to, it'd be awesome if you posted an instructable of it for the rest of us...

You are going to need a functioning RF modulator. As a suggestion - get hold of an old video recorder / player, they're cheap 'cos they're obsolete. L