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How do I ask an older girl? Answered

Ok so, there is this girl and she is 19 years old. I am 6 years younger than her and I barely said ANYTHING to her. I know I don't like her for the way she looks, I know and I can feel that there is something inside of me saying that I want to have a real relationship with this girl. It kills me inside because virtually, there would be no way of us being a couple but I know in real life, anything is possible and age never matters when it comes to life/love. I am writing this to get opinions on how to approach this situation of asking her out. Please please please comment!!


Assuming she's a normal person, you'll just have to be her friend for now. If friend leads to good friend leads to "OMG what have I done, I've violated a minor". i.e. -what you want, which for her society forbids although you'd pretty much get a 'Congratulations, you're a stud.", well then it leads to that. But if you say your feelings are deep, then realize, physical intimacy is not. And once you get to sex there is pretty much no deepness at all, no mystery, just two people shallowly engaging in pleasure. I hate to tell you this but you are getting to an age where your sexual ambition is going to override all other thoughts, interests. The wonderful glorious person you once were inside your mind is soon to be lost to a mindless bodily urge to procreate and it will last the rest of your life.

Well you are lucky fin the Human. You might be one of the strong ones. Personally I struggle. Biological...urges I might have said. Not necessarily an obsession with making as many human babies as possible. Something happens to guys during puberty. They say quitting smoking is hard. As a male, put the relative difficulty of quitting smoking up against the difficulty of ceasing to succumb to a desire to ejaculate or to think thoughts leading up to that desire and quitting smoking suddenly appears a walk in the park.

Way to be. Dating and bills. If you can avoid those two things then you might be the chosen one.

Well you've come to the right place cause all we do is deal with relationship issues. LOL

6 years is a huge deal. Especially since she it 19 (an adult) and you are 13 (a child). If by some chance a collage aged woman is interested in a middle school kid she would face all sorts of legal problems dating you. At your current ages there is a world of difference between you and her. That 6 year difference may as well be 10 or 20 years at this point. Think about it. Would you want to date a 6 year old if they wanted to date you?

Once your an adult (over 18) then the age gap becomes less of a thing. You've both been through puberty. You no longer have excessive hormones dictating your mood and clouding your judgment. Your both adults in the real world and have some live experience under your belt.

You have sooo much time ahead of you. Date girls your own age. screw things up and learn new things. Then when your in collage and want to date an older woman you'll have some clue about what your doing.

Age matters a heck of a lot at your absolute age. Get to 20 and she being 26, it might work, if there is any possibility of a mutual interest. Right now, forget it. She is, as they say, out of your league.

Ambition is all well and good but this time you may be trying to run before you can walk.

You are underage. Do you want this girl whom you like to go to jail? Stick to girls your own age or around your own age. She's just too old for you right now. Maybe not in ten years, but for now, you're just jailbait..