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How do I attach an LCD Screen to an IP DVR Camera Module? Answered

I have a neighbor who moved in across the hall and brought drama with her in the form of more than one angry drunk boyfriend.  Security and police have been called to their door on more than one occasion and they blame me.  Garbage has mysteriously been left at my door and when they did not know I was listening have made some really nasty comments about me.  For my own protection I would like to install a peephole camera.  Since none of the ones I can find in my price range have both a dedicated screen and an ip camera would like to make one.

I have found 1) IP Camera with DVR module like the one in the picture:


2)  a billion different lcd screen kits, some generic, some for arduino, some for raspberry pi. This would be my first arduino or raspberry pi project but I am willing to learn.  But I think it may be redundant to use an arduino or raspberry pi as all I need is output, but I could be wrong I have no clue.

If anyone could point me in the right direction of  an existing project plan or describe how to do it I would really appreciate it.  I have spent a couple nights searching but it is possible I don`t know the correct terms to find what I am looking for.

Totally grateful for any help.



Why not just stream to your phone or tablet ?

Great answer, there are doorbells that stream.

I have to keep it hidden in the peephole.... strict condo board. Thanks tho

Technology challenged roommates .... the camera would be in the peephole so they could not see out without some sort of screen.