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How do I attach EL wire directly to wall and car interior? Answered

I haven't had the pleasure of working with EL wire, only because I can't discover a sleek and not so damaging way of mounting it. I don't want to leave holes in my wall, and I don't want to destroy it. At the same time, I also want to mount it in the interior of my car, but the same problem arises. How can I mount the EL wire on my wall and on my car ceiling? Adhesive maybe?


hot melt glue dabs ?
Mind your fingers

Do NOT use hot glue. It will not hold for very long, and leaves a mess behind.

if its material you can stitch it in, thats what i plan on doing. Into the seats and roof liner. Although i have the same dialema for the plastic work and somehow i dont think sticky tape is going to cut it.

you could try neodymium magnet hooks, depending on whether or not they will stick to your ceiling. you may need to bend the hooks a little to keep the wire form falling out though, just an idea.