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How do I build a cat wheel exerciser? Answered

I would love to build (or have someone build for me) an attractive, inexpensive wheel that I can train my cat to run on (or rather inside).
The ones I find online are either very expensive or do not provide the plans or ability to purchase.

My indoor cat is in dire need of exercise. I take him out on a leash but I love the idea of putting him in a wheel that can provide a way for him to hopefully run.

All suggestions, comments are appreciated.


I would also suggest having it rigged to only go in one direction. I think that would make it easier for the cat to use.

I assume that you are referring to the giant hamster-wheel contraption featured on "My Cat From Hell".

I haven't seen one in person, but I would suggest lining it with "grippy" carpet or fabric scraps.


Can't beat a laser pen exerciser.

How much is "very expensive " ?