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How do I build a circuit that emits a loud beep along with a bright flash? Answered

I want to build a circuit that at the press of a button will emit a loud short beep (1khz would be good) and at exactly the same time a bulb would make a quick bright flash ( a camera flash would be ideal). I want to use this device to help me  synchronise my video camera picture with sound recorded on another device. In effect this circuit is a clapper board! Can anyone point me in the right direction, what components would I need? Many thanks.



You can buy piezo-buzzers; extract a flash-unit from a camera and run both from the same push-switch.


Thanks for all your replies. I think I will attempt the piezo and camera flash method. Cheers.

The trick wih any circuit isn't the making it make a loud noise and a flash, its doing it MORE THAN ONCE !


Well thank you all for your replies but I'm still none the wiser. The Arduino looks very impressive but requires a very steep learning curve to do something that I maybe naively thought was not too complex. I imagined that this would be possible by buying components from Maplins ( UK's Radio Shack). The reason I want to build this 'box' is that I want to be able to film someone from over 20 metres away whilst recording sound on a separate device and quickly synchronise the sound and picture in post production. Because of the particular filming conditions a clapperboard or handclap just won't do. I need to build something that will emit a bright light/flash and noise/beep at the same time at the push of a button. Is this extremely hard to do?

Running with the overkill Arduino maybe you could also integrate the record on/off for the video and sound giving you one unit that controls and syncs both components.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned clapper board but I like a project so your over kill advice is the most appealing. Many thanks.

get any circuit that beeps, and hook it up to the flash firing trigger on a disposable camera -- flash + noise at the same time.

overkill = use arduino or other microcontroller to beep and flash at the same time.

What's wrong with a clapperboard?

just occurred to me an electronic metronome would be handy too - since it has 4+ leds that flash in sequence to a pulsed click, often with a 'first beat' unique click. recording the leds + a few clicks and you'd have a synch.