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How do I build a device that will control the air supply going into a charcoal smoker to keep the heat constant? Answered


I've used a leaf blower in the past to get coals started in my grill. It's a little aggressive but gets the job done.

Temp probe connected to a micro controller that can turn a fan on and off with the temp changes.

You may/should be able to buy a thermo probe that has the ability to switch electrical items on and off eg a fan.

What sort of temperature range are you talking about? The smoking I have seen is at a very low temperature and you could use a simple room stat.

There are a few commercially made devices to accomplish this but i'd like to get by for under $100.

Maybe connect the temp probe already mentioned to a servo motor acting on a  throttle , thus controlling the air intake of your grill.


5 years ago

Yes, I;d like it to be automatic. I'd like to set the temperature and have it hold it. I've been doing some research since I asked the question. I think I'm looking for a PID controller and a relay. I just need to know how to wire it up and program it.

I will come with a data sheet showing how to wire it. you may be able to access the data sheet on line.

Do you want this to be automatic?