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How do I build a folding knife? Answered

I am a beginner knife maker but so far I have only made knives with fixed handles. Does anyone know how to build a folding AND locking mechanism for a knife? All help appreciated.


http://www.rocketknives.com/knifechronicle.htm would be the correct link, just take out the \

the link doesn't work : [

go to the library and check out the book " how to make folding knives" good  explanations and lots of pics.

I guess you could line bend a piece of plastic (or metal) to make a U shape and drill a hole through it; then in the same place, drill a hole through a blade. Use some dowel or cylindrical plastic to go through all three holes, and glue it to the plastic container (but not the blade)! For the locking mechanism, would a simple pivoted rectangle on the side do the trick?