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How do I build a reflecting telescope? URGENT!!!? Answered

I need to build a reflecting telescope for a project. Please explain ang give any ideas Also i need to know where i can find a mirror for it


I personally wouldn't mess around trying to make a mirror.... I'd buy one, and also buy the little diagonal mirror too. Then concentrate on making the tube, or skeleton to support them. This is what I did with my 10 inch scope. I also built the equatorial mounting, from parts of a car differential and a wheel hub.

Funnily enough, I have just startedmaking a mirror for a telescope for my son. It is a 150mm diameter and will have a focal length of about 600mm. Making mirrors is fairly easy, rather time consuming and VERY satisfying. It has to be the most physically accurate thing you can make with human hands, it has to be accurate to 1/4 wave of light, it ought to be better, and you can get there with your bare hands, some grinding grit, water, two glass discs, a brightly lit pinhole and a razor blade. Look for "ATM" (amateur telescope making) You can buy a mirror making kit for about 60 USD,

If you don't know how a newtonian reflector works, start with Wikipedia. Mirrors (primary and secondary) are available on eBay. A 6" mirror is about $50, Quality not guaranteed.

Probably the simplest type of reflector to build is the dobsonian; see http://pages.sbcglobal.net/raycash/manualv2.pdf .

All that being said, rickharris is probably correct. A reasonable 6" reflector with mount can be had for a bit over $200. It will probably cost you close to $100 just for the mirrors, then add the other hardware.

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