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How do I build a two man auger like this one on youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiF764TE69s&feature=related Answered

Hi all!

I saw this awesome augers on youtube that ppl would build at home if someone has the skills it would be much appreciated if you share!
 again here is the type of auger I'm talking about:


Thanks again ppl!!!!


I would start with somthing like a lawn mower engine and put gears or chains to slow it down and make it more powerful. Then make a frame to put it on. You may want to buy the drill.

I think the only way you'd be able to make an auger is to build some kind of Frankenstein auger from broken augers.

Rent one instead.

Quick tip: Many tools, including this one, can be rented when you need them, often at surprisingly reasonable prices. A store which specializes in tool rental will probably be less expensive than renting from a home center.

(Note that old-fashioned post hole diggers do work; this kind of device is mostly helpful if you have a lot of holes to dig and/or annoyingly rocky soil.)

I heard that in rocky soil, the things turn into fairground carousels....

One day my dad rented one to dig holes for the uprights on the carport he was building. Then he discovered that there was two feet of topsoil atop a solid limestone shelf. The following day he rented a jackhammer.

Depends on the size of the rocks. NOTHING does a good job of digging post holes in most of New England, where rocks are one of our major crops. (All those nice stone walls at the edges of fields? That's mostly because the farmers had to dump the big ones _somewhere_ out of the way...)

The trick there is a VERY powerful gearbox. The question is where to find one.