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How do I build house foundations? Answered

I want to add a room to my house but I don't know the South African (Eastern Cape) requirements for the foundations. Can anyone help me with this?

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seandogue (author)2009-12-02

Your local building codes might help, but I agree with re-design re: using a professional.

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Re-design (author)2009-12-02

Get a home designer or architect or engineer to help you.  The foundation of your addition is not the place to experiment.  It's the one thing that can ruin the whole project.  There are people who will say you don't need a professional on this but anything you do is just guessing and everything is resting on top of the foundation.  Make it too light and you end up with a crumbling addition.  Make it too heavy and you waste a lot of expensive materials and time.  Get pro help and everything should come out nice for you.

After you get it designed there is not reason that you can't build it if you'll follow their directions.

Trust me on this one - I know what I'm talking about here.

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