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How do I build the world's deepest trash can like the one from thefuntheory.com? Answered

I want to try and build a trash can similar to the one in video of "The World's Deepest Bin"  from thefuntheory.com.  Here is the link to the video so that you know what I am talking about.

The one that I want to build will run off a wall outlet as opposed to a battery pack.

I can not identify the sensor that they are using or the audio source.

If any one can help, you will have my thanks.


guys pls reply what are the components list for making this and do anyone one of u have done this? please share the pics if u have done the circuit.....

does anyone know the full component list for building this circuit? and any circuit diagram? please help....

It uses IR sensors, you can see one at 0:17 in the vid.

Could be but that means that if the trash doesn't go right thru the beam it don't work.

The detector is a microphone or vibration detector.  There are two of them.  They are hot glued to the metal plate.  What ever is dropped into the can has to be heavy enough to cause a sound or vibrate the metal.  That sets off the circuit to play a pre-recorded sound.  Then it resets.  You could  probably get the device to go off by kicking the can (literally) or maybe by shouting into the can.