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How do I care for my Sewing Machine? Answered

Sooooo...How do I care for my Sewing Machine? My singer instruction manual isn't very though rough. It is written as if I should know all this stuff already! Where should I squirt oil on it? How often should I clean it? What is that weird smell it makes when I'm sewing, is that normal? It doesn't quite smell like burning...but doesn't not smell like burning!!! What is a good setup for sewing(table/chair/light ratios)? Does the dust jacket really do anything besides keep dust off the machine, does dust matter? What is the deal with metal and plastic bobbins, is there a difference in uses? How long should a needles life usually be? After I pinned the fabric should I take the pins out before the needle reaches them? So many questions!!!!!


Metal and plastic bobbins... really doesn't matter. It's personal preference. I use plastic because they're cheaper and they fit my machine. As far as a good seyup for sewing, make sure your chair is the right height. You need to be able to sit up pretty straight while sewing and make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. This will keep you from straining your back, and will also help with the speed you're sewing at. :) I normally just keep a little lamp on my desk and I do fine as far as light goes. Just remember to keep a scrap bin (for bits of thread, fabric, etc.) and a pincushion nearby while sewing. It makes cleaning up easier. I change my needle every 2-4 projects, depending on the size. Your best bet is to simply compare the tip of the needle on the machine to a new needle. Then you can make the call. And I am really not sure about the pin that broke off. It might be part of the threading mechanism. :( You honestly might want to take it to a repair shop or dealer the first time. They can probably walk you through everything and get you started the right way. :D

Wow thank you! That is a ton of info I needed to know about. I'll try to find a dealer, that is a good idea, but if I remember correctly they keep kind of weird hours(offset from my work schedule = weird apparently).

Let me answer some of these tonight, some tomorrow! You're right, lots of questions! Oil application depends on the machine. I might take it to a dealer if you're not sure. :) You should clean it nearly every time you use it. You can get cleaning brushes at almost every craft store that sells sewing supplies. Use the brush to clean around the needle and presser foot - wipe the rest down with a damp cloth. Weird smell is a little worrying - could be due to lack of oil, dust buildup in the machine, thread bits stuck in the machinery... yet again, I might take it to a dealer. The plastic cover for a sewing machine is a good thing to have - it keeps dust and anything else floating around out of the machine. I've been meaning to make one for ages. I wouldn't have to clean mine as often then. And yes, you should take the pins out right before they reach the presser foot. Sewing over them cause uneven lines at the least, broken needles at the worst. I'll answer the rest tomorrow morning. It's late now. :P

And WHAT was that little pin that broke off when I took the thing under the bobbin out to be cleaned?