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How do I change the battery in my zelda ocarina of time n64 game? Answered

I think its spot welded in there so how do I undo that so I can remove the battery?


the cartridge uses flash memory save, not battery backup, like the ones for the super, and original nintendo, so if it won't save, the memory is probably corrupted, which means you need to wipe the files entirely somehow, try getting a 64dd, and using to boot menu to access the saved memory, that might work, if not, you need professional repair, if it costs more than a replacement, sell the old one as-is to finance the new one, and start over

It's far more likely soldered than welded. If you're willing to risk your game as orksecurity mentions, try using a soldering iron to get the battery out. It's also of note that if you have a gamecube that Ocarina of Time was ported to that system, and you wouldn't have to rely on the cartridge battery anymore.

Generally even if a contact is spot-welded to the battery cap during manufacturing, it's soldered into the circuit board.

Here's a solution: just solder a batter in parallel (positive to positive, negative to negative) with the existing battery. Voltage is never reduced; problem solved! (Just be careful not to over-power the circuitry, though!)

There's a reason things say not to mix old and new batteries

Just a thought: If you do remove the battery without supplying voltage from another source in the meantime, you'll lose stored data and, depending on how paranoid the manufacturer was, may lose the game entirely.