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How do I connect a laser diode to a power source? Answered

I have a sony laser diode that will not work. I have tried to just solder the leads and connect it to a battery,but that is not working! HELP!


u might be using a ir laserf cause those you cant see the beam


9 years ago

usually they take about 3v, make shure you have the polarity correct, the one i had had three leads.

If you already put too much voltage through it, it may be dead, this is how i killed my first diode,

make shure you also have a lens on it, to focus the beam.

If you look to to the right of this webpage there is an instructable for the NES ZAPPER!!! read that, it as a burning diode in it and might be able to help you furthur.


What type of laser diode is it? Does it have a part number? Check the spec sheet (google the part number) to find the pinout, and the voltage/amperage required. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WITH THESE! if it's out of a dvd player, the beam will be almost if not totally invisible, but can cause instant irreversible damage from the amount of infrared (IR) radiation!!!