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How do I connect a wind turbine to a battery bank through a 1N1190A blocking diode? Answered

Diode I have is seen here http://www.reuk.co.uk/40-Amp-Blocking-Diode-1N1190A.htm

I am building the "Chispito" turbine, but I don't have the blocking diode they recommend, I have this one.

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AndyGadget (author)2009-04-25

You only have a single diode, whereas the generator requires a bridge rectifier, which is 4 diodes connected together in a way which converts the AC of the generator to the DC the battery requires. Any of THESE from Mouser would do the job.

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lemonie (author)2009-04-25

The Chispito uses a bridge-rectifier not a diode (even though it's referred to as such). I'm sure your heavy diode would work, but you'd only get half the power out of the thing.


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