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How do I connect to DSL through Ethernet? Answered

This may seem like a silly question, but keep reading.

I have DSL service from the local ISP. I have a home wireless network. I also have a new computer. (Well, new to me.) It's a 5-year-old Compaq desktop. (Read about it here.) In the room that my computer is in, all there is, is a regular phone jack. Would I be better off buying a wireless PCI adapter, or a cheap router to plug into the wall, so I can use a Cat5 to connect to my comp?

Thanks Much!

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Best Answer 7 years ago

If you don't already have a router you will need to get one if you want to connect more than one computer to the DSL. Wireless routers are almost as cheap as wired ones anymore and wireless is pretty simple to set up so I would recommend that you go it that direction. You might want to get a USB wireless adapter that way you won't need to open your case.

Almost anything you do within your house will be much faster than the DSL connection, so unless you're going to be using your LAN to move a lot of data from machine to machine you might as well go with whatever's cheapest.

So I'd suggest checking the prices on the alternatives, seeing what you might be able to get used or cheap from friends or Freecycle or similar sources, and then pick whatever gets you connected at the least cost.

Thanks. I already have a wireless router, but the computer is in a room on the different side of the house, so I'd need a _super_ long Cat5 cable. There is, however, a regular phone jack in the same room, so I'm thinking that I could use a router to connect to DSL through that phone jack.


7 years ago

I toyed with DSL 15yrs ago... The had me putting filter trapformers on every
thing in phone land around me, until I ripped DSL Out of my life !

You will be better off buying a wireless PCI adapter should be reasonable
but make sure it's DSL compatible.  


So are you using dial up?

Im online with Charter for Phone, Cable-TV, using a modem through a
hardware firewall to a router hub cat5 to two buildings and multiple
switches.  Nothing over win XP, a win 2000, an old apple, DOS, apple-TV
and several iPhones.  You ?

Well, when I was doing the long range wireless I had 2 dsl lines and a T1 line. We used a dual WAN router to combine them all together. Now though I have one DSL.

T1 line people are.. like the  Ivory Tower White Bishops of Awe.

Get a set of powerline ethernet adapters. Plug into router and wall, then the other into other computer. Of course, it has to be on the same circuit!