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How do I convert music on cassette tapes to CD? Answered

I have oodles of cassette tapes (a lot of "oldies but goodies) I want to know IF there is a easy way to convert them to CD's without purchasing any more "junk" to hook up to a computer! (I DO have access to a old casset player)! Thanks in advance for any ideas you might share with me!


Use a double ended headphone wire and play the tapes into your comp. Record and edit witha free program like Audacity and burn it to CD. I do it all the time.

thanks a bunch .... will sure try it!

Like iPodGuy says, connect the headphone-out socket to your computer's line-in, and use some recording software. It's the best answer, mark it as such.



9 years ago

At http://media.wiley.com/product_ancillary/02/04700495/DOWNLOAD/Bonus_Appendix_C.pdf there is an Appendix C of Andy Ihnatko's "iPod Fully Loaded". In Chapter 3 he describes the process, also recommending Audacity. As he says "Any device (a turntable, a tape deck, a
microphone, or even a musical instrument) can be recorded on your computer by connecting its outputs to the computer’s microphone jack." But quality is improved by using something like iMic.

A way to do this without a computer would be to buy a standalone DVD recorder.