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How do I convert the TV in my vehicle to DTV so I'll be able to watch it after the switch? Answered

I have an analog TV in my van and want to convert it so that we can watch it after the DTV conversion. Is this possible and if so, how? Or, is there going to be a portable DTV available that can be hooked up in a vehicle?


Look for a DTV box with a wallwart (I think thats what you call them) and 12v, buy a regulated 12v cigarette lighter socket power supply off ebay . Don't bother with a 12v to 110v converter as they are highly inefficient.

well right now the deciscion to change to DTV is being revised because of the current economic situation and some families inabilit to pay, so you may not need it as soon as you may think. but if you go to any electronics store, or any big box store, and ask for a digital converter box. it will give your analog tv the ability to recive digital signals. when you buy the converter box there should be instructions to install it. if your still having trouble there is a hotline that you can call and they will help you set it up. I don't know the number but I'm sure it can easily be found on google.

I thought of that and it would work if it were in my house. But, the converter box has a 110 plug and won't work in a vehicle. Any other ideas?

buy an inverter Or get the "MicroGEM MG2000" Digital Converter Box, and rig it up through the 12 volt power supply of the van, with one of them fancy universal DC to DC transformers for autos