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How do I convince my mom to let me get a cat? Answered

I understand we have 3 cats, one 16, but this cat is missing an eye, skinny, etc. and he may not get a home.  I call him Twilight because he looks a lot like another cat, Midnight.  He is very affection it, and I will keep him away from the old man cat and let him stay in my room.  I'll get rid of the air freshener, and tidy it.  Please help me convince her!




Best Answer 6 years ago

There have been a few discussions along these lines. Here is one you might find helpful.

And you might find something useful in an instructable that I put up last fall.

Animals with "special needs" are in many ways pretty special. They never complain about their circumstances but instead adapt and still do their best with what they have. They can sometimes be a source of inspiration and encouragement. Often they do need a little bit of extra help but they themselves never even realize it.

There is another instructable member you might want to contact. She has done a lot of work with injured animals and might be able to give you some suggestions.

My mum is really just worried about or oldest... He's gone through a period of not eating when his brother died (he's fine, now).

Along with all of the other good advice posted by others, I would suggest reading Jackson Galaxy's webpage(s) and/or watching "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet. He has valuable tips on introducing a new cat to a household and getting cats to get along with each other. Just google his name and/or the TV show name and you'll find them.

Thnx! We don't have problems with cats getting along with cats, the old man's had his fair share of surprises, health problems and stuff. As I said, I can have him when old man dies, and not looking forward to that. I'll definately check him out, though.


6 years ago

Frollard and Vyger have the right ideas. Show mom that you can be fully responsible for Twilight. Fully responsible includes paying for litter, food and vet visits. As a mom I realize that actions speak louder than words. If you go ahead and demonstrate what great care you can give Twilight and your mom has a chance to see that Twilight is more than just another mouth to feed she might change her mind. Do the best you can and hopefully Mom will see how important Twilight. (Just a bit of info, outside cats that are not cared for-spay/neutered, fed and watered and vaccinated have an average life span of 2 years.) Even though our winter was mild, Twilight with only one eye and being skinny would be hard pressed to survive a bad winter. I have six cats right now and if I saw one in need like Twilight I would be extremely tempted-ahh right--I'd definitely take it in. Good luck I'm cheering for you and Twilight!

Thanks so much! Twilight is in foster care right now, and he's learning to eat again. Mum says when the oldest dies I can have him, and I'm not rooting for that event , either. Really, she would take him in, but 16 years is old and whether he can handle more is something she does not want to test. I'll definately show that I'm resposnible enough in the mean time (room's almost clean!). The chickens will definately get taken care of every morning (as they almost always have).


6 years ago

Let Mom see this cat  \/

PEts cost money to keep, take effort - Perhaps you haven't shown enough commitment to looking after the pets you have so your mum doesn't want ANOTHER pet she will have to look after.

What are her reasons for saying no?

Know those, and you can work on good arguments for your case.

Let your actions speak louder than words and promises -- be responsible, and you will get more responsibility.