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How do I convince my parents to let me get an Instagram? Answered

I would really like an intsagram but how do i convince my parents to let me get one!
Dont say to get one and keep it a secret!!


Why do you want an instagram account? What pictures are you wanting to share? Are you trying to get into photography?

Well I realized that im starting to love taking pictures. Plus it would be a fun way to share picures with my friends.

+1 and you'll still own the rights to those pictures afterwards.

There's no reason to have an Instagram account. They own your pictures once you upload them, and besides the filters and editing it lets you do does not make your pictures look better, no matter what people say.
There are plenty of services out there that let you upload, edit, and share photos while retaining your ownership of said photos.

What are their reasons for not letting you?

+1. I've got one, but never use it. thought it would be fun at the time, but i really don't see the point of it.

If your existing reasons do not convince them, then they are not reason enough.