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How do I create a mosaic? Answered

So I am trying to do a mosaic on both my wall and ceiling. My wall is wood paneling. My ceiling is tiled but its not ceramic, linoleum, glass, etc tile. I'm not exactly sure what it is! The closest thing I can compare it to is bulletin board material. Anyway, I am new to mosaics and tiling. How would I go about doing this? Can I apply the mosaic pieces directly to the wall/ceiling? What materials should I use as the actual mosaic pieces? What adhesive should I use? What do I use as grout? Also is there a special sealant I need to use for the tiles? Any other tips would be great, too. :)


As Burf says, almost anything can be used to create a pattern. A lot of the design issues are controlled by the space you are working in. If it is a bathroom or kitchen you need to consider moisture and heat. A ceiling mosaic can be risky. If pieces are heavy or sharp, they may come loose over time and conk someone on the head. If you are working with tile, I would consult with your local hardware store on the best materials for your project. Some materials emit fumes over time, are sensitive to light or will shrink and expand with temperature changes. Others can develop molds. You also have to correctly prime the supporting surface and "tile" for the appropriate adhesive. You would not use the same glue for stone as you would for glass or fabric. And since I am guessing this is a living space, the adhesive needs to be one designed for long term exposure and durability over time and it must also stand up to cleaning.

Mosaic's are heavy,make sure the surface you want to apply the mosaic to is strong enough.

That ceiling tile sounds like Acoustic Ceiling Tile. Be careful with that if it's very old it may contain asbestos.


8 years ago

A mosaic can be created from almost anything that you happen to have a lot of. Mosaic means a surface decoration made by laying patterns of small pieces of virtually any material.

I have seen mosiacs made from dominoes, playing cards, pieces of colored cardboard, sea shells, bits of glass, marbles, and pebbles.

Take a look at some pictures of various mosaics on Google to get ideas and then figure out what you want to make and with what materials. That will determine what you will need to stick it to your wall, but I would guess that hot glue will work for most of the items you may use.