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How do I create an Instructables Image Note? Answered

The little Help Box says: "To create an image note, simply click and drag on your photo to create the orange box for the note." But when I click-&-drag, I find that I've selected the whole darned photo and am dragging it around pointlessly. Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Are you using a Mac? I am, and it does the exact same thing for me. I had to borrow a friend's computer to make my notes. A public library's computers will be able to work.

Thanks. Yup, I use an iMac w/ OS 10.4 (for a moment there, I thought you must be psychic or something :). Hunh - I'm using Safari, and so far, it's (or at it least seems to have) been fine. Have you ever tried using Firefox as your browser? (I know it's what Squid Labs recommends for this site, but I was hoping that the non-IE effect would be enough to let me get away with being lazy about installing it. (Yeah, Firefox isn't much trouble to install, but my laziness can reach truly epic proportions. (Well, it could anyway, if I'd ever get around to putting any effort into it. ;) :) :)

Okay, I'm using a MacBook with OS 10.4 as well. I'm using Safari as well, rather than Firefox, and I haven't had a problem, either. I haven't used it yet, so I'm not about to chastise you for not using it, I get that enough from everyone else. :) I'm not sure about the firefox, though. Now that I think about it, with the number of people on this site that use Firefox, and wit the lack of there being more topics like this, I'm going to say that it's a safe assumption to say that firefox does NOT have this problem. There would be riots.

!!! Total Stark Raving ROTFLMAO !!! ... from just trying to envision the form and magnitude of the on-line 'ible riots that would indeed ensue. :) :) :) So now comes the sharply salient pointed question: what browser were you using on your friend's computer when you were able to make your image notes?

I'm not on a mac, How do i do it, I also am dragging the photo around

IE- he had firefox, but I just didn't think to use it. I'm probably going to try to load it up soon, even if I do use Safari more often, I'll use Firefox to at least publish Instructbles. Are you at a University campus? Or anywhere near a local library? Because you should be able to save your 'ible with all the picture loaded and then use the public PC to make your coments and refine it into the finished product.

No university affiliation, but within a stone's throw of the public library (for a stone thrown by major league baseball pitcher standing on the roof of my apartment building, anyway :). The real question - Is it more trouble to find my shoes & car keys and go to the library, or to go to Mozilla and download+install Firefox? And does the risk that I might have to pay all my outstanding overdue fees before I could use the library's computers exceed the risk that something might go all hinky with my computer during the Firefox download+install sequence? (It's not the Great Questions of Life that bog a person down, it's the stuff like this... ...pretty soon it'll turn out to be more trouble trying to decide which is less trouble than it will be just to install Firefox :)

Yeah, these day's "overcrowded lifeboat" questions tend to be along those lines. Well, good luck!

Using a Windows machine is one option, but I found that the web browser Opera works just fine. You can download it from here for free.