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How do I cut plastic bags to use for crocheting? Answered


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iti (author)2009-07-23

One common thing to make with plastic bags from grocery stores is to cut into 1 inch strips and crochet them back and forth back and forth to create an outdoor mat any size you choose. You don't need to tie the single strips together, just leave the end sticking out. These mats are easy to hose off, and when they are ready to go to the dump, you will know it because the mat will start breaking apart from exposure to the elements.

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ShirCraftalot (author)2009-03-22

hey, you certainly can crochet with it, I do it a lot, it's fun!
I think the method I always used, https://www.instructables.com/id/Plastic_Bag_Yarn_quotshortcutquot/ is the best way if you want to make smaller projects, or want to use a thinner hook or needle.
When you use a bigger hook, I think the other method, https://www.instructables.com/id/Recycle-Plastic-Shopping-Bags-into-Yarn/
may be quicker and easier. After finishing my butterfly instructable, I want to try it out, to make a bigger butterfly

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yokotei (author)2009-03-14

there are two recent and detailed 'ibles and recycling plastic bags into 'yarn'
i think they talk about knitting, but just do the same thing with a crochet hook. good luck.


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