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How do I edit my comments? Answered

I want to add a link into a comment I posted. Is this possible?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Editing comments are not supported (this is a deliberate policy, not a "missing feature"). You can find plenty of discussion by searching for "edit comments".

As Kiteman said, you can reply to yourself with additional information. If no one has replied, you could also just delete and repost your comment with the extra information. Use Ctrl-C to copy all the original text, so you don't have to remember it.

You can only delete comments you yourself created. In the lower right corner of every comment, there's a "flag" link. On your own comments, next to that you'll see a "[delete]" link.

Has this been removed? Because I do not see it anymore

You can't edit a comment once it's posted, but if no-one's posted a comment to your comment you can copy the text, delete the copy and then paste into a new comment . . . then add the link before posting.

That's the best solution I've found. Or just post a reply to yourself with the appropriate correction, and trust that everyone will understand that human beings sometimes make mistakes.

. . . and if I'd noticed at the time I'd have deleted my comment above and changed "delete the copy" to "delete the comment".

Sorry, no it's not.

Simply reply to your own comment with the link.

Nope, all you can do is copy the text, delete your comment, and repost/paste.