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How do I enable Auto Renew? Answered

I see a lot of questions about turning off Auto Renew, but in my case, I want to turn it on.  How do I do that?  I can't find any place in my profile or settings.



It looks like you purchased your Premium Membership. If you auto renew was turned off (and you happened to purchase it through PayPal), you may be able to login there and turn it back on under your subscriptions. If not, you will need to manually upgrade your account once your Premium Membership ends.

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

I checked out Paypal and it cannot be reset there so I guess I'll have to take the manual route.


Ok, Thanks. I'll check Paypal and see if I can turn it on there.

Thanks again.

If you have pro memberships coming up while still being pro they will automatically activate in the order shown in your account.
Nothing required on your end to keep pro for as long as you have memberships listed in your account.
That is of course unless there is a problem with your account that reverts you back to normal.
In this case you can either activate your pro voucher manually or better contact the support by email so they can check your account.

But I see no Ibles in your account, so how many upcoming pro memberships do you have?

I have a premium membership that is coming up for renewal this month but in my profile it shows auto renewal as being 'OFF'.