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How do I find other users? Answered

I want to find a friend on this site, how do I find them?



Click on my name!! :D

If you know their user name, you can either use the search function, or you can type their orangeboard address directly into your browser's address bar, viz;





If that method doesn't work, maybe you could post the members name (or PM one of us) so that we can help you find your friend.

If you don't know their username, I don't think there's a method to search with their email address or anything else. (I believe that's private info).

They don't even keep that information on file - every time you win a contest prize, they have to ask you your address again.

That's what I thought. Thanks for clarifying. They'll have the email on file, but I don't imagine its public info.

You didn't say you wanted their Email address that is an unlikely possibility given the strict data protection laws there are about.

In what way is this person a friend without you being able to contact them?!


try the search box top right - enter their name. It works for my name