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How do I fix my broken 4th generation iPod shufffle? Answered

I own a 4th generation iPod shuffle. One day I dropped it from pretty high up and now when I turn it on a green light comes on, and flashes on and off. It won't play music and my computer has a hard time recognizing it. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it?



4 years ago

You have probably dislodge more then one electrical connection.
Or even more horrific cracked a necessary PCB trace (electric wire).

In the case of a dislodge, I would open the case (there are videos on how) and
jiggle the apparent connectors hoping to get lucky.

A cracked trace ...... Kiss  it  goodby :-(

Could be any number of things. A hard fall can cause a component to break loose, connectors to come loose, crack the circuit board and break traces. You won't know till you open it up and check it out. Chances are you won't be able to see the problem right away and it will take a good bit of trouble shooting. Even then you may not be able to fix it. You would be better off spending $30 on a new MP3 player.