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How do I fix the splitscreen in Nazi Zombies for PS3? Answered

Instead of the usual splitscreen, it appears as two different boxes. Is there a way to set it to normal horizontal splitscreen?

(Nazi Zombies, Call of Duty World at War, PS3)


it depends if ur console if playing 1080p vs 720p vs 480 p becuase that changes box sizes

When your tv is wide, there are two boxes anyway. this is normal.

No, on my friends ps3 it's normal (like in multiplayer)

Ask yourself these two questions. Are the boxes side-by-side? Is your tv screen wider than his? If not, I have no Idea what you should do. But mine was normal like in multiplayer before I got a new tv, and after I got a wider tv, the boxes are side-by-side.

yeah, it's weird though.
I have a ps3 slim,
he has a ps3. Mine, no matter what tv, is two boxes. his, no matter what tv, is rectangles.