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How do I force my dogs to have babies? Answered

I just want puppies man....


Play some soothing music in a dark room. Ah the days of middle school were eventful for me.

Please don't breed your dogs. There are thousands of puppies and older dogs out there that need good homes. Most of them will be put to sleep at some point. If you want to have a puppy in your life go see what your local shelter has to offer.

I would hope your dogs are spade and neutered so they can't breed. If not and you still want to proceed you'll want to consider everything involved here. Had some friends who loved there female beagle and wanted to breed her to sell the puppies. So they got a male and had some puppies. They quickly learned that it wasn't going to be an easy buck. In the end they lost money on the whole deal. Then couldn't find buyers for the price they want. They wanted a high price to cover vet bills on both mama, puppies and there food. They also wanted to make a profit. So they decided to keep mom and one of the puppies. Meaning they where wanting to get rid of the dad. Fortunately my family was looking to get a dog only if it was free. SO we ended up taking the dad. Long story short know what your getting into and the laws in your area regarding it.

You can't force it.

If you want to breed your dog, consult a vet first.

female has to be in heat. the male will do his thing.

dogs dont have sex for fun like humans.

put aftershave on the male and send the female a valentines card signed with the males' paw.


4 years ago

I don't believe you can or should have puppies with force.

Babies are not a possession for the hapless.

Force? You can't - and if you don't know more about it than your question suggests then perhaps your not yet ready for parenthood.