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How do I format a Write Protected SD card? Answered

I have an SD card and when i plug it into the computer it says "you need to format the disk"
 i follow the formatting steps and it says "windows cannot format the disk check that it is not read only" and after trying a few times it said the disk is read-only/Write protected. how do i remove this read-only setting so i can format it, the little switch on the side is off


Some cards are manufactured as read-only, and don't have the switch. If that's the case, then they may not be reusable at all. Or they may just be missing the switch slider, in which case theoretically you could open them up and do what the switch does (I'm not sure whether that would be adding or removing a connection) but getting it back together so it still fit into your device would be something of a challenge...

Given how cheap storage is these days, I'm not sure it's worth the effort of investigating.

i used to be able to write and re-write,but it says have to format it before i can use it now, i can't even see the files

You probably messed up the formatting, eg by ejecting it before a write was finished.

If you're lucky, reformatting will make it usable again, though you'll lose the contents. If you've damaged the filesystem badly enough, there may be no way to recover except by going in at a _hardware_ level and reformatting.

Always let the writes finish before ejecting. 99% of the time you can get away with interrupting it; the remaining 1% of the time the flash memory is toasted.

Have you tried putting the little switch on the side "on" instead ?

tried it with the switch either way, still didn't work