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How do I get a date? Answered

My selection is well, small, at my school, for my situation.



Well first of all you need to establish a sort of urmm.... Friendship or something like that. Make contact through something e.g Buy him/her a drink and chat to them a bit also try to find out something in common and base your convos on that she/he will love that. Then if he/she doesn't give you there number wait till the end of the night and then ask for it politely. Say something like "Hey I wouldn't mind doing something like this again. I had fun! Could I steal your number please?" and hopefully he/she will give you it. Then the next step is to text away to him or her keeping away from the sex area and more on what there into and what interests them. The next step is phone him/her or text and ask them on a date to somewhere they would like to go (try and get the information when texting) and if he/she says yes! You got yourself a date - my mate, who knows the craic....

YOU STOP MAKING RANDOM AND DISGUSTING STUFF! (aM I sTiLL iN CAPItaLS?) Then just follow what he says. I could use some of that advice as well......

But random and disgusting stuff is fun! If I can't impress a date with a fetus shaped flashdrive than they're not worthy!

I take it you're familiar with the dating philosophy of Wayne's World? If you blow chunks and [s]he stays, [s]he's yours forever.

How about smelling good? Cologne or perfume on a well cleansed body do wonders! Hope this helps................

Questions: Are you just looking for a single date? (a dance or the like) Do you want something immediate? (or is building friendship feasible) Will anyone do? (or do you have someone particular in mind) The more descriptive about your situation you can be, the more we can help :D