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How do I get more volts to power 4--24 volt drill motors, used in a electric power vehicle? Answered

O.K. so here's the project I'm under taking. I am taking a Power wheels Big Foot. One of the old school originals. I made it a 4by4 with independent motors on each wheel (4 motors total). Well the only way I've found to get more speed out of it is to add more volts. I hooked up an 18volt Ryobi drill battery to the circuit system, got some good speed. But it died very fast do to the overwhelming power drain from all motors in sequence. So Other then putting either an 18 or 24 volt battery to each wheel/motor, How would I crank more speed and power out of this thing? I've tried a 12v car battery, but I get more speed out of the drill battery. But the car battery lasts longer. My hope is to make this be able to carry me @about 20-25 mph for a decent distance. Hopefully theres some other electrical junkies out there a little better off in this type of knowledge then me. Thanks again either way guys.



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If you can spare it, buy a second car battery and hook them in series. Motor speed is proportional to the applied voltage, so hooking 2 12V car batteries in series will give you 24V, which is the voltage you're looking for. At the same time, you will have a much larger capacity than you would had you just used a drill battery. That may be the simplest solution, though alternatively you can create a Boost Converter which will increase the voltage from a single car battery (and thus you can get 24V out of one car battery.


Whats up man? Thanks for your input. You actual pointed my way to the answer I needed. See in the Power wheels set up here, There isn't a lot of room for multiple power cells. I like how long a car battery lasts. But I just wasn't getting enough power from it like I was from the drill battery. I'm going to pick up a dc-dc boost converter. I did a little research and I really believe it's what I'm looking for. I'll let you know if it works as well as I hope it does. Thanks again for your time!!

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One thing to remember is that an electrical motor is rated at specific volts/amps and by doubling the voltage, you could fry the motors. That being said, you can alway purchase two 12 volt AGM or sealed batteries the size of motorcycle batteries and hook them in series the way that purduecer stated above. If they are the sealed or AGMl type you can put them anywhere you want including up side down or sideways.. You can also use your current battery charger with them.