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How do I get my one year old male cat to stop peeing on my husbands side of the bed? Answered

He has been fixed but as soon as he enters our bedroom he goes pee on my husbands side only. I love him too much to find him a different home and I cannot afford vet visits due to no job. If it is a dominance thing my husband thinks that if he pees on the cat then it might make him stop. Could this work?



Make your husband sleep on the couch. Hahaha, no, I'm kidding. But, try what you did to make your cat start going in the litter box. When it does, congratulate it, with a good word or two, and a little scratch in their favourite spot, and maybe even A TREAT. And when the cat pees on the bed, just a quick movement, maybe a little shout, and maybe even a squirt bottle. But, your husband should pee on the cat, as stated above, because that would be one of the funniest things EVER.

I think Z is ALMOST on to something.  Get rid of the husband.  I've gotten rid of several.  You can, too!  Maybe I should write an instructable about diy divorce?

Kick the cat out of the bedroom. I doubt peeing on the cat will do much more than piss him off more. no pun intended...


8 years ago

you can try to keep him off the bed with a scat mat. or try getting one of those plastic office chair mats and put it on the bed nubby side up to keep the cat off the bed...have you ruled out any health issues? this is a tough one because it's near impossible to get the urine out especially on an absorbent object, so the cat will keep going back there. good luck.

Spray the cat when he goes to that side of the bed and keep the cat out of the bedroom unless you watch him and are ready to correct him.  It should only take a couple of times to get him to quit.  They HATE being sprayed in the face.

Agreed.  Keep the spray bottle right on the bedside table.  Spray the cat in the face if he pees.  Hopefully a few rounds of that will cause him to smarten up.

Oh, and put a garbage bag under the bedsheets so all that pee and water doesn't soak into the mattress.  Ew.

A friend of mine had this problem with his cat.  So he wired up a wetness-sensor to a circuit with a loud electromechanical type alarm bell.

As aversion training strategies go this one had a couple of good features:

(1) Very little time delay between the bad behavior and the punishment.

(2) No people around.  Thus the cat won't associate the bad behavior with you, and then simply wait till you're not around to do it.

Supposedly this trick worked.  It scared the hell out the cat, and effectively trained it.

Sorry I don't have more details on circuit or sensor construction.  But I could probably come up with something if asked.  The important thing is to have a circuit that latches (turns on and stays on) after some wetness-threshold has been reached.

Hahahahahahahahaha. XD

We have officially turned into YahooAnswers.


In all fairness, it's better than many perhaps officially appropriate Ibles questions...I mean, how many times do we have to answer "How can I unsubscribe from Instructables?", spoon feed the simplistic determination of a limit resistor for yet another LED driver, when the author fails to provide either a forward voltage for the LED or the voltage at which he or she wants to use the LED,  or explain to a 13-14 year old that violating network security in a school so they can download games, chat online with their friends, get some pron without their parents knowing, or even to commit a network crime, that they're not supposed to use school resources for  non-school related activities.... without the whole thing getting mind-numbingly boring?

Poysonally, I taught it was a question of sum interest.


8 years ago

Who is more important- your cat or your husband?

The bedroom is the domain of the two of you (choose which two!).

(Given that my wedding vows were to my husband and not my cat. The cat goes;-the husband stays).

I totally agree on peeing on the cat!  It wont solve anything but your hubby will feel better!

You could try putting a diaper on the cat.  The visual of someone doing this is too funny to resist!  Take pics and share with the world if you try this!

On a serious note you could try to limit the cats water intake and time when it pee's to break the cycle.  Also you could arm your hubby with a supersoaker in the closet and spray the cat when it does it.  This works when training them not to scratch up the funiture.  Of course the hubby may want to pee in the supersoaker first for revenge .....HAHAHAHA

He should totally pee on the cat. It probably won't solve the problem, but it's worth doing just for the sheer entertainment value.

Swap sides with your husband?

Wouldn't the easiest thing be to just shut the cat out of the bedroom?