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How do I get new sheets of TIN to be aged and rusty? Answered

I don't want to paint it though. It is for the underneath side of a porch roof. I don't want to spend major $$ on reclaimed tin if I can make it look that way myself.... HELP!


 One word for you.  SALTWATER.  Go buy a bunch of salt from the grocery store (cheap).  Soak it for a week and viola!

Here's a really nice instructable showing how to do it.


It's probably galvanised with zinc, rather than tin. Can you get hold of pool-acid? Same principle as Burf but much quicker.



8 years ago

Make sure it is free of all oil and grease, mist it with white vinegar and let it sit for several hours. Repeat the misting until you get the degree of rustiness you are looking for.
Let it dry completely and you can then seal the rust to the tin with a low gloss or flat clear urethane or laquer spray paint.

you could try putting it in water and leaving it for a while. Since water rusts stuff. Dont have any other ideas though.