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How do I get past the Miracast password screen? Answered

I have a Bros Unite MXV Amlogic S805 Quad Core Android Tv Box Full Loaded Add-ons with Kodi BT Smart Player Streaming Media Player. When I went to use it the other day a Miracast screen came up and ask for a password. I have not set up a password for this and am not able to use my TV box because of it. What do I do to get pass the login screen and use my TV box?


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seandogue (author)2016-10-21

If the answer isn't in your user manual, contact miracast tech support and ask them.

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Downunder35m (author)seandogue2016-10-21

Noname Chinaware is always a problem but I know for sure it won't ask for a password as long as noone is trying to actually use this feature.

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