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How do I get rid of advertising people post as comments to my instructable? Answered

I have an instructable about domes, someone's comment is basicly just a link to advertising about something unrelated.
I don't see a delete option to remove the comment.  (Did I miss it?)

How do I remove/report spam comments to my item?



It's frustrating how dedicated these spammers seem to be at getting through our system!

Next to the Reply button should be the word "Flag". You can click this for any comment you find inappropriate and the staff will take care of it for you. For now, I have gone ahead and removed the comment.

Are you all using a Bayesian learning system? The SPAM comments and postings often seem to follow a clear and recognizable (for humans) pattern. I would expect a learning system to pick up those patterns and start trapping them automatically.

The following: Bayesian, learning system, and kelseymh have been added to the defense matrix. Thank you, human.

Hmmm, Robot hadn't heard the term "Bayesian" before? We have a Be Nice commenting policy, so I'll refrain from commenting on that fact...

Thank you.
Note that the post had a box in front of "feature comment flag", with no clue that "flag" was something not a part of "feature comment". (Or that it was a link at all, since your style sheet overrode that appearance.)
But now that I know, I'll use it.

If you notice that a spammer is posting a lot at once, you could also drop a PM to a member of staff ~> https://www.instructables.com/about